A Love Mantra For Removing Obstacles

This is a chant I use often before giving psychic readings to my clients. This chant helps one to open to the universal compassion of the universe. Before giving psychic readings, or offering any kind of psychic advice to others, one needs to make sure they are centered in a state of compassion.

"Buddhists believe that we all share the same innate mind-nature of unconditional compassion and wisdom."

The mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" is said to contain all of the teachings of the Buddha within it.

Chant this mantra often, and you will experience many unexpected blessing in your life! Trust me on this one! Try it and see!


OM represents the body of all Buddhas; 

MANI means 'jewel';

PADME, means "lotus";

HUm represents the mind of all Buddhas."


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