Black Magic

Today I was in my bedroom, and I felt a negative presence in my bedroom. I looked up, and saw this weird grayish-light, and realized that some entity of lower vibrations was in my room. 

My bedroom window is directly across from my neighbors house!

I quickly realized that is was coming from the home of my next door neighbor, and it evidently decided to try and wander over to my house! Well, I quickly sent it away. 

I never saw this "thing" before, but I think it has been here a few days, because my dog has acting nervous, and my partner was feeling strange in the room.

Glad I got rid of that thing. Makes me wonder what kind of evil things my neighbors are doing next door. 

They have always seemed strange, but they better be careful, or they might be into things that are deeper than they think!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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