How To Communicate With Your Angels

Many people ask me "How do I hear the voices of my Guardian Angels?"


To teach a person how to do this would be impossible in a short article, because it requires training in certain techniques to be able to hear their voices clearly.


I have a course that will be available that will teach you how to do this, as soon as my new website is finished, but until then, here are few techniques that will strengthen the bond between you and your Guardian Angels.


Techniques For Angel Communication


1. Lighting Jasmine or Rose scented incense keeps your angles close to you.

2. Finding feathers are signs that angels are near. Especially white feathers.

3. Say hello to them out loud, and silently listen to see what you hear in response.

4. Often they talk to you using your own internal voice – not a different sounding voice!

5. tell them that you earnestly desire to be able to talk with them.

6. Tingling sensations, heat, warmth or itching anywhere on your body, especially your face, is a sign that angels are near you.


These are just a few of the signs of their presence.


Leave me a comment, or send me a private message, and tell me about your angel experiences.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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