A True Demonstration of Psychic Power

This video is an excerpt from the documentary film about Indonesia, "The Ring of Fire", by the respected film makers Lawrence and Lorne Blair. 

In the second part, the physician describes that everyone has this latent ability, and that he only developed it through 18 years of practice by meditation. 

This sequence highlights Lorne Blair's visit to a Taoist physician on the island of Java for treatment of an eye infection. The doctor they met produces electricity in his own body, which is transferred to his patients via his hands then into the acupuncture needles. 

The doctor then demonstrates this ability to create electrical charges, in the same manner that an electric eel shocks its prey, by shocking Lawrence through his hand. 

He further demonstrates the ability to concentrate this potent energy by then setting a crumpled newspaper on fire at will, merely by channeling the energy through his hand. The newspaper bursts into flames as he focuses his body energy on it, holding his hand near.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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