I See More Disaster For Japan

Upon waking up this morning, unfortunately, what I had expected about the Nuclear meltdown appears to be starting to happen. It is at times like this, that it is very painful to have my gift. Seeing the outcomes in my mind like I do, and knowing there is nothing I can personally do to help, is sometimes very painful. 

This happens to be one of those times. It reminds me of the powerlessness I felt when I predicted the Oklahoma City bombing, 90 minutes before it happened. Over the past few days, I have cried over Japan more than I care to think about. 

Please keep the people of Japan in your prayers, because the worst is still yet to come! There is going to be toxic poisoning as a result of the nuclear meltdown that is going to occur. 

They are going to need financial help for food, so that they can eat! Please donate money to Japan!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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