More Bad News For Japan!


It literally breaks my heart to have to tell all of you this! But people rely on me for the truth, and my friends, my clients, and anyone who looks to me for my gift, expects me to use it to tell people what I honestly see! 

One person wrote me on Facebook and asked me why I didn't tell people what to do to help the people of Japan, rather than "scaring the hell out of everyone?" Well, if there was anything positive that could be done, I would be the first one to tell people what to do to help them. But here is the psychic truth that I see:

The truth is, there is, nothing that can be done! THERE IS GOING TO BE A NUCLEAR MELTDOWN! The Japanese government is LYING to it's people! Anyone in Japan is in GRAVE DANGER! 

Literally 1000's of people are going to die from this, and children and the elderly will be the first to perish when this is all over. 

The Japanese government is telling it's people that within 18 miles is not safe. But the TRUTH is, anyone within 50 miles of the site is not safe. Actually, anyone in Japan is not safe, because the wind is spreading this toxic poison all over the country! 

If you know ANYONE who lives in Japan, please tell them to get the hell out of there right now! There will be no turning back for the people who stay there, because most people in Japan are going to exposed to radiation, one way or another. 

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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