My Psychic Update FOr Japan!


The death toll

As I had said a few days ago, the death rate would be double, even triple of what was being reported. They now say the death toll is up to 27,000. This is 17,000 more than reported last week. I keep seeing the death toll rising even more. We are going to see at least 40,000 or more dead or miss

ing, when this is over.

The nuclear plant

As I also predicted two weeks ago, the nuclear plant is not out of danger. I keep seeing this could take months to get under control! In the meantime, water supplies around the world will be showing radiation in their water supplies. I suggest drinking only bottled water that was produced BEFORE this disaster took place!

Another earthquake

I also predicted that there was going to be more disaster. Today, Japan had a 6.5 earthquake off it's coast, and feared another tsunami! There will not be another large tsunami, but there is another major disaster around the corner. This is either for Japan, or somewhere in the world! But it is going to be major!

May god bless America!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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