Here is a quote from the FDA: "The FDA said such findings were to be expected in the coming days because of the nuclear crisis in Japan, and that the levels were expected to drop relatively quickly."

What My Guides Are Telling Me

My guides tell me that the FDA is not telling us the complete truth. My guides tell me that the FDA is withholding from us what it knows!!!

It makes sense, because as long as radiation is still leaking, how can we expect the levels to drop quickly??

My guides encourage everyone to be cautious and to use common sense when consuming food. Food that was canned before this event, dried food, dried soups, etc, that were on the shelves before this event, are your safest bet!

My guides tell me that this is also very important with young children.

The same as the Japanese government did not tell (lied) it's people the whole truth, my guides tell me our government is doing the same thing!

Please use common sense during these times! 

I am only the messenger, it is up to you to take the appropriate steps!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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