About My UFO Experience Last Night! What I Saw! Whoa!

About My UFO Experience Last Night! Wow!!

Last night was very freaky. Even as a psychic who sees ghosts, dead people, angels, spirit guides, gnomes, elves, mermaids, and trolls, it freaked me out a bit!

First of all, my fully charged video camera went dead after 10 minutes! Fully drained the battery! It is a new camera that works just fine! So I only was able to record parts of what we saw. 

Second, since my camera is dead, I need to recharge it, and upload the footage to my computer. I will have the footage online by Monday, maybe sooner.

Third, I saw an alien with my Third Eye, standing over me, as I was laying on an energy vortex, meditating! Then I could see this huge spaceship hovering over us. No one else could see it but me, because the rest of the group do not have developed Third Eyes!

Then the aliens started communicating with me telepathically!

After that, we actually saw spaceships, flying overhead, and then they vanished! Then, the high tech recording equipment that was recording all of this, blew up in smoke!

I was so blown away by what I experienced, that I have decided to take a group of 10 lucky individuals to Sedona with me, for a special, privately guided UFO tour in July! 

This was too amazing not to share with others! If anyone even questions the existence of UFO's, they won't after this trip with me in July!

The photos we took are amazing! I'll be posting them by Monday!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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