Aliens Sighted In Phoenix By 10,000 People!

Hey everyone! I am posting the video today. As I watched it a few minutes ago, I was reminded of the high energy and powerful experience I had with the aliens that night! Keep posted, and I will post the video very soon!

Below is a photo of the Phoenix Lights. In 1997, over 10,000 people in Arizona saw these unidentified lights. There were hundreds of photos taken, and many people got video of this event. The UFO was so low, people could see it very clearly! 

Yet, the media hardly mentioned it, the governor made a joke about it, and still, there were over 5,000 911 calla that night, from all over the state, from people wanting to know what it was!

Isn't government denial amazing?  I would like to hear your comments on this! 

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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