Horoscope For April 2011


Hi there,

If you are one of the people who emailed me saying they

wanted to apply for the UFO Journey I am taking to Sedona

in July, you will be receiving all the info for applying in the next

few days!

If you did not read the email I sent out last Monday, you might want

to read it. Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Why?

Because this trip will only be offered once!

I recevied almost 200 emails from people wanting to be considered, and

only 10 lucky people will be chosen! Someone asked me how people would

be chosen?

Well, the night I made contact with these galactic beings, they instructed me to

create a questionnaire that would be filled out by people who are interested. The

questionnnaire answers will reveal the 10 people who will be chosen to go!

This is a first come, first serve situation. So, when you receive the email, take action


Do you need answers? Click here to find them!


Life Has Changed!!


Since my alien contact, my life has completely changed! My healing abilities have

increased 200%, and I have found I am able to heal people over the phone! That freaked

me out!

My best friend got a healing over the ​phone the other day, that most people would not

even believe! Let's just say that today, her doctor declared her situation a miracle! And

told her she could go home expecting a very long life now! She was declared 100% free!

I felt so good hearing that!


My Guides Have Increased!


I am now working with over 350 Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, and

other elementals! Before my trip, I was only working with around 150! I feel so blessed, and

my understanding of aliens has changed completely!


Something Unusual Is Occurring!


I have found something very unusual occurring! I think I might be developing telepathic

ability! I am not sure yet, but it appears that way! I have seemingly been able to read

people's minds that I have been randomly meeting! Although, I am not sure yet if this is the

case, or just a few rare coincidences! I will keep you posted on this one!€‹ I have been finding

that after my readings, people have been telling me that they feel different all of a sudden!

They have been telling me that they feel extremely happy, and free!


I Love Giving Readings!


I have never talked about this before, but I love giving readings to my clients! I am extremely

blessed, because I have the nicest people call me for readings! I€‹ am proud of the fact that my

clients are very nice. I have talked to a lot of psychics who told me that they have mean clients,

and that many of their clients seem to be from another planet! They are always amazed when

I say "not mine"!

So thank you to all of you for being such wonderful clients! If you have not had a reading yet,

well then, I look forward to the day I get to meet you too!

Experience a reading with me by clicking here!​​


A psychic Tip I Channeled From A Galactic Being​​​​​


If you want to release stress, when you feel overwhelmed, here is something that was telepathically

told to me in Sedona, by a​ galactic being:

1. Stand very erect! As stiff as possible!

2. Visualize pink light all around you.

3. Breath out with three strong breaths.

4. Breath in deeply with 3 strong breaths.

5. Breath in all the pink light that you can while doing this.

6. Open your eyes, it is done!

Best to do this standing against a wall. Due to the high vibration of pink light, you could fall backwards!€‹

Click here for your April Horoscope!

I hope this was helpful!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


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