Someone posted something on my wall, that stirred up a lot of emotions in me. It was called "Hidden Truth – The Truth Behind 9/11 and The Tsunami in Japan"

Back in 1999, I predicted that we were going to discover that George Bush Jr. had ties with the Middle East, and was heavily invested in foreign oil. 

I said this shortly after 9/11, and the media did not want to talk about it! They acted like I was crazy, and they told me this is not something they would ever talk about – at least in 1999. They were very afraid! 

By seeing their reactions, I knew they knew something too – but were scared to talk about it in the news at that time.

We all know the truth about that one now! Seems I wasn't just a crazy psychic after all

Well, the 9/11 incident and the Tsunami in Japan are two things I will never publicly talk about at this time. Let's just say I would be too afraid to say what I psychically know. And others would call me a lunatic anyway, just like the media did in 1999.

So just know that one day, I will be able to say, "I already knew that!"

Something I learned long time ago, when governments are trying to find out important information, it is called "an investigation". When governments are trying to hide something from others who are trying to find out the truth, governments call this research a "conspiracy theory!"

Why? Because if you call it a conspiracy theory, it implies that the people   who are involved in finding the information are crazy, a bit off, somehow insane, weird, or just plain out of their minds. Think about this!

What if the information these conspiracy theorists are finding out IS TRUE??

The things I see are probably best left to rest at this time.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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