For my usual Saturday meditation meeting with my guides, I decided to meditate outside this morning, and I just got finished! I had been out there since 6AM, but today the hours only seemed like minutes!

This morning I astrally traveled to a mountain top in Tibet, and was greeted by all of my 350 and some guides. But some unusual things happened this time. 

This morning, the meeting was headed by Saint Germain! (If you do not know anything about him, you can Google him and learn all about him)

He talked about ascension, and the importance of earth beings having kindness and love in their hearts in these times, as we approach 2012.

He also spoke about earth changes that took place recently, and spoke about how there will be many more to come!

It was a very interesting talk he gave today, and I felt all of my chakras instantly open up, the minute I came into his presence!

Afterwards, he walked out from behind his beautiful, gemstone encrusted podium, and then he came over and sat beside me. I was shocked, to say the least!

He told me that he was going to start personally working with me as one of my main Ascended Master Guides, and that we were going to be involved in work that was going to help change the planetary vibrations of the world!

He then told me he would reveal more to me as time goes on. Then he gently stood up, and started to walk away. As he did, he slowly faded away! It was incredible to see this! Amazing!

When I returned back to my physical body, just a few minutes ago, I looked at my hands, and they had this beautiful purple, aura-like energy glowing around them! Then it slowly faded away!

Then I saw something move in my yard, and there were about 40 fairies and elves standing there smiling at me, and clapping in joy!

Today I feel so lucky to have my gift, and the ability to see these things. My heart is glowing with joy right now!

I now need to get ready for my workshop here in San Diego called Discovering Your Past Lives. 

In light and peace to everyone,

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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