The more I meditate each week, the more interesting things I experience.

Today, when I started my meditation at 6 AM, all I remember is closing my eyes, and opening them again at 10 AM. But it seemed like I had them closed for only a few minutes!

Here is what I experienced…

I closed my eyes, and my astral body was instantly transported to those beautiful mountains in Tibet. The same ones I visited before!

When I arrived, I was sitting among all of my Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and the Ascended Masters that I work with. 

In the center of this U-shaped formation was once again, Saint Germain.

He spoke in a very calm, soothing voice, and there was angelic sounding harp music, playing softly in the background as he spoke. I am not sure where the sound was coming from.

He talked about the need for a light seekers (this is referring to people like you and me) to understand the importance of keeping love in their hearts. He told me that I was to make this message known to the light seekers on earth, and that I was going to need to teach them how to do this!

I remember asking him how I was supposed to instruct people on how to keep love in their hearts, and he smiled gently and said to me "Don't worry Tana, I will reveal more to you when the time is right."

I do remember that he said that daily meditation is the starting point for everyone, and that people who are truly wanting to live a fulfilling spiritual life, need to meditate on a daily basis. He made it very clear that there is no shortcut, or way around this!

I remember when I wrote my award-winning meditation course, that the information flowed to me, like I was channeling the information from some higher source (It will be available on my new website, which will be up soon).

I will keep you posted as more is revealed to me about what I am supposed to teach people. But I wanted to share with you the amazing meditation experience that I had this morning.

I would love to hear your comments.

In light and peace,

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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