When I am in another person's home (in this case, his church), out of respect, I will not try and voice an opposing opinion, even though I knew he was wrong. I did not want to bruise his ego and have his congregation realize he was full of you-know-what!

But being a medium, I know for a fact that animals have souls. Many times,  I have had animals who have passed on appear during readings with my clients. They just pop in to say "Hello, I am ok over here on the other side!" 

What really got me was this guy was preaching about Jesus, and then saying how animals do not have souls. 

It really bothered me that he kind of "looked down" at people who think animals have souls. He made this clear in his comments to his congregation! I clearly remember his condescending laugh when he said "Some people actually think their animals have souls, and treat them better than humans! These are animals, not people! So c'mon people!"

I never went back to that church ever again after that. And believe it or not, this was a church that believes in psychics and mediums!! This church actually uses mediums in their church!

Weird, huh? I was blown away! I would think a church that has "true" psychic mediums in their church, would already know animals have souls! I would think their mediums at some point in time, would have made contact with animals on the side!

Just goes to show you that just because a person puts the word "psychic" or "psychic medium" in front of their name, does not make them a gifted psychic or psychic medium!

I could put Dr. in front of my name, but it would not make me a doctor! 🙂 I am sure you get my point!

Some people should just not be preaching, especially when they are preaching something that anyone knows is not true.

Just my two-cents worth. Would love to hear your two-cents too!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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