You all know me – I tell it like I see it! My guides do not pull any punches!

Here is what my guides have told me about Harold Camping, the man who predicted the end of the world!

Harold is rich. 

He receives thousands of dollars a month from supporters, and he also  has a non-profit status for his church! We all know what that means – very little taxes paid! Very little!

So my guides say that Harold was running out of money, and Harold likes to spend foolishly- and travel!

So he was running out of money, and knew if he predicted the end of the world, his thousands of followers would get scared, and he would get rich from donations sent to "to help him spread the word"!

He also knew all the media attention would get him even more donations from around the world, due to more people hearing his word!

PT Barnum's words ring true at this moment -A sucker is born every minute!

Well the world didn't end. The only thing that ended were Harold's financial woes from all the donations he received!

Just another con artist wrapped in minister's clothes!

The sad thing is, we are now going to hear of suicides as a result of this, due to the disappointment and feelings of sadness his followers will now feel!

We need to pray – but not for ourselves,, but for all the crazy people who actually believed what this man was saying, and contributed more money to his "tax-free" empire!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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