My angels got me to thinking today!

What do you think of people who predict the end of the world is coming, only to scam people out of money. 

YET, those same con artists, while robbing their followers blind, preach to their followers that psychics are of the devil!

This really burns me up!

I got to thinking of the millions of dollars Harold Camping must have made by scaring the heck out of people, and getting people to sell their homes, out of fear that the world would end today! Lives turned upside down due to the lies of this man!

This whole end of the world thing got me to thinking about religion and I started wondering..How much money is made by some churches? The money they take in is largely tax free money due to their non-profit status.

So I did a little internet searching on just how much money these churches are making. You might be shocked to see what I have found!

For example…

Did you know that Joel Olsteen's Church takes in around $72,000,000, (that's 72 million dollars) a year?? I am not saying anything bad about Joel, I loved hearing him talk, until he refused to take a position on Prop 8 in California. That made me not trust him. I'm just saying…wow! That's a lot of money. Where does all that money go?

Oral Robert's University just accepted a $62,000,000 (that's 62 million) donation from the Mart Family, who owns Hobby Lobby! They also committed another 10,200,000 (10.2 million)for campus renovationThat's just one donation! Where does all that money go?

Many curches try and hide how much they take in. For example:

The Rock Church in San Diego built a multi-million dollar Liberty Station faculty. Financial records are hard to find on the Rock Church. They have 12,000 people attend their service every Sunday, and a TV show that goes all over. So, I am sure there are millions coming in there too! Where does all that money go?

The Mormon church hides their income statements, yet they had millions of dollars to spend to hire a PR firm to launch a campaign to prevent the passing of Prop 8 in the state of California.

If churches quit spending millions on lobbyists to pass laws in their favor, and used that money to truly help people, could the financial help of churches not end hunger in this country?

I hope this money is going to a good cause…

It just got me to thinking, and I am curious what it makes you think about this too!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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