Get Prepared! The End Of The World Is Coming!!!


I am sure you have read by now that Harold Campings changed his mind again. 

He said he was human, and made a mistake. He says that the lord has returned to the earth to prepare for the end.

But now the date has changed…Get ready…

The end will now be October 21st of this year!

My guides tell me that Harold Camping DOES NOT really believe his delusions. Instead, he is trying to suck as much money out of his believers as he can before he dies!

My guides tell me he is trying to set up a college fund for his grandchildren and that he wants to provide a financially secure future for all of them when he is gone!

My guides tell me he wants his family members to have enough money so they don't have to work if they do not want to, once he leaves this earth and goes to the place that we refer to as hell!

I am also told by my guides that he has many secrets to hide involving secret pregnancies, womanizing, and an assortment of all kinds of other skeletons he has hidden away!

You know my guides, they always tell it like it is! So they have spilled the beans once again.

Please pray for his believers that he continues to deceive and take advantage of. Please ask the angels to help them to see him for the true demon that he really is!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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