I just read an article about all the water they are using in Japan to cool down the reactors. Then, once they use this water to cool them down, the water becomes contaminated with radiation!

Well, remember when I predicted that Japan was not being honest about t

he degree of the radiation problem with Japanese citizens, and the rest of the world?

We are now discovering that the Japanese government has a lot of contaminated water! And now the problem is – how are they going to get rid of it? It cannot go into the soil, or it will contaminate it for years to come!!

Well, guess what?…Too late! 

I predict that we are going to find that the Japanese government has been extremely careless with the disposal of this water, and that the soil is already contaminated!

I highly recommend that you DO NOT eat any fish or vegetables, drink any green tea, or use any products that are made in Japan at the moment!

I even see that the Japanese car maker Lexus is also going to suffer in the US market as a result of this leaky radiation! These cars are made in Japan! Are the cars contaminated?

We are going to find that a lot of lies that have been hidden by the Japanese government are going to come to the surface over the next few months!

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In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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