I got so busy, I forgot to share my meditation experience from this past Saturday with you.

As usual, I got up around 5:30 AM to get prepared for my meditation. I practice a few yoga poses before I begin, to make sure my chakras are correctly aligned and balanced.

This morning, I did something different than usual. I sat outside in my garden and meditated there.

I astrally traveled to a place somewhere back in time. The area I traveled to was in ancient India. It was way up in what I learned were the Himalayan mountains. I remember smelling the strong fragrance of sandalwood incense that was burning when I arrived there. It smelled so lovely.

I learned that the mountains I had been visiting in my previous meditations were the Himalayan mountains! They are so beautiful!

The incenses were being burned as offerings to the Hindu Gods. This time when I arrived, I was greeted by the hindu Gods Shiva and Vishnu.

Their auras are so powerful! Their aura energy radiated so strong, I almost felt like my body was going to explode from all the love and compassion I felt!

They greeted me and told me of a special mission I was going to be assigned to. But they told me it would not be revealed to me just yet!

We sat there and talked for seemed like only a short time. After we were finished talking, we said our goodbyes, and I returned back to my physical body!

When I opened my eyes, it was 12:00 PM in the afternoon! I was gone for over 6 hours! It only seemed like a few minutes!

I remember a time when I could only sit in meditation for 10 minutes! Now that I astrally travel to where ever my guides take me to, time flies by very quickly!

I am going to teach people how to astrally travel in my Psychic Vault Of secret Knowledge that will be available on my new website!

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