With Anthony Weiner making news today, by exposing his crotch to women on the internet, this is only setting the precedent of what more is to come!

Over the summer, more politicians are going to get busted for their lusty, sexual behaviors. A well known Republican who is a staunch opponent against gay rights, is going to be caught in some man-to-man encounters!

Remember Senator Larry Craig and his wide stance when he sat down in a public restroom? More craziness with Larry Craig is also going to surface over the next year or so!

Another Right Wing Minister is going to be caught with his pants down with another male! 

We are also going to see some kinky sexual behaviors of a very conservative politician exposed before the end of the year! 

A few more "Men of God" will also get busted for some "sinful" mishaps too!

Keep your eyes peeled for a racy, sexual summer of secrets being exposed!

This summer is going to be like a sex circus act!


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