Would You Please Take A Minute To Help Me?


Hi there,

I have been getting so many requests from my clients asking

me to please start teaching webinars about different psychic 



So, I am going to start teaching online again!!


BUT, the challenge for me is that I am not sure what all of you 

want to learn the most!


PLEASE take the time to click on the link below, and fill out

my 4 question survey!


And PLEASE give me the best answers you can according

to your interests!


It will take you less than 5-minutes to fill out, and it will help me

out more than you will ever imagine!


I want to teach you about the topics you want to learn about. So I 

will be using this survey to decide what I am going to teach 



You're the best for filling this out for me!


Click here to fill out my very quick survey


My Thank You Gift For Helping Me


Once you fill it out, send me an email telling me you filled it out, and 

I will send you one of my ebooks called  "3 Powerful Ways To Develop 

Your Psychic Powers"


Don't worry, I know you will be honest with me, so I will send you my

ebook once you send me the email letting me know you filled it out! 


In light and peace,

Tana Hoy


For Readings: 




P.S. I really appreciate you filling this out for me! My psychic ebook is a

really kewl little book I wrote that has some very powerful psychic

techniques in it that I personally use myself!


P.S.S. I am also sending you a big hug for filling it out for me!! (smile)


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