Remember my neighbors that I talked about a few months back? The ones where I saw all these weird apparitions coming out of their house last year?

Well, they finally moved out! And guess what I discovered? The landlord told me that the house had all kinds of evil markings on the walls, and asked me if I would check to make sure there was no evil presence in the house.

So I checked it out, and it not only felt weird inside, it had all these weird looking "graffiti-like" symbols all over the floors and walls. They even had burnt candle stubs on the floor, with dark circles drawn on the floor around them!

You have to understand, these people were "normal". The wife was a massage therapist, and the husband was a mechanic for a car dealership. 

I thought these things only happened in the movies! But it seems they can happen in any neighborhood!

So I exorcised the whole house! It took me over 4 hours, but when I was finished, the whole house felt completely different!

Being a psychic, I get asked to help with all kinds of things, and I am sure glad I helped with this one!

I sent whatever was in the house to the white light! 

And I asked the owner to please be more thorough when doing background checks on people he rents to in the future!

That was my day so far!

He wanted to pay me, but how could I take money from someone who really needed a service that was rare to find someone who could do that kind of thing.

So I asked him to repay me by donating money to the local animal shelter where they don't put animals asleep! He said he would donate $1000 dollars!

So I think it turned out to be a good day after all! 🙂

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