I got up yesterday at around 5:45 AM and started my meditation at 6AM.


It was quite amazing this time!


I closed my eyes, and almost suddenly I was transported out of my body (I am leaving my body faster now due to my longer meditation sessions) to this very mystical looking place!


At first, I was not sure exactly where I was, and then suddenly, Saint Germain appeared out from behind this misty cloud.


He told me that he wanted to take me to the realms of the angels! Then he took me by the hand, and everything became like one big blur. It looked like what you see in the movies when you travel at the speed of light, or something like that!


In about 10 seconds, we were standing in the most amazing place I have ever seen in my whole life. There are no words to describe it!


There were angels everywhere! They we healing the sick, they were consoling people on the earth, they watching over little children. It was like walking into a large building with no  walls. I could see everything they were doing! It was incredible to see!!


I can now say that I have personally been to the realms of the angels. It was like a near death experience, only I had a near angel experience, and I didn't want to come back!


I was there almost 3 hours, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced up to this point in my life! And believe me, I have experienced a lot of things!


They discussed with me more topics they wanted me to include in my angel course. Six angels actually sat down with me and instructed me personally yesterday, in how people can talk to angels in an easier way, how to make it easier for people to see them, and many other areas of advanced study.


I was so touched that the archangel Michael took the time to personally teach me how to instantly summon the help of the archangels.


They told me they were going to instruct me on everything they want me to teach in my new angel course! They are going to help me to create it!


Wow! I am still blown away! I will go there to visit again very soon!


I will keep you posted on this!


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