I want to tell you that the ride back from Las Vegas with Mabel was incredible! She taught me so many things, and she told me everything I was to include in my Angel course!

I have a new roommate now…Mabel told me she is going to live here with me, and not to worry, she will not eat all my food, use my utilities, or even mess up the house. She even told me my friends would never even know she is here! (She has a delightful sense of humor)

I want to encourage EVERYONE who is my friend, and who does not receive my FREE emails newsletter, to please join my list right now, by clicking this link: www.tanahoy.com 

The place to sign up is where it says "Tana's Newsletter" and I release so much more info in my newsletters! 

I am going to release more about the trip with me and Mabel in my newsletter, so I really hope you will join it!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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