My guides had told me early this morning that Casey Anthony was going to be acquitted today, but I did not want to believe it!

My guides told me what we all already know – that she did murder her daughter, and she got off scott free for murdering a child!

Today I was meditating after the verdict was announced, and during my meditation, I saw an image of a little girl who was crying and screaming hysterically! 

So right away I stopped meditating, and I went online to find a picture of little Caylee to see what she looked like. When I saw her photo I just burst out into tears! It was little Caylee's face that I saw in my vision, and she was crying over the injustice of her mother being set free. 

I will never forget the sadness in that little girls face, as long as I live!

We all need to pray for little Caylee and let her know that not everyone on earth feels the verdict was a correct one! 

I almost hate to tell you the other thing that my guides told me, but I need to release this information to the world…

They told me that in the future she will kill another child again. Only this time, she will be much smarter about it!

I cannot begin to tell you how upset I am over knowing this information, and at the same time, knowing there is nothing I can do about it!

It is at times like this when it is emotionally tough to be a psychic.

Please pray for that poor little Caylee's soul. 

I can't wait to hear all of your comments on this one insane verdict today!


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