I wanted to share this with you! 

I was meditating again today, at around 12:00 noon today, and after less than 2 minutes into my meditation, little Caylee visited me again. 

As I was sitting there with my eyes closed, deep in trance, I traveled to beautiful meadow where lots of angels were walking around!

All of the sudden, this little girl walked up behind me and placed her hand on my shoulder. It startled me for a second, and then I heard this soft little voice say to me "Don't be afraid, it's me Caylee".

I remember placing my hand gently on my shoulder, and holding her little hand. 

She walked around and sat in front of me, and then she asked me a question.

Her sweet little face looked at me and asked "Why did mommy do this to me?" I was speechless – I didn't know how to answer this question from a little girl who had been murdered by her mother!

All I could think of to say was "I'm not sure why, but have you ever met an angel? Let's ask an angel!"

I knew that the angels would have a better answer to this question than I would. So I used my hand to signal over a few of the angels that were playing in the meadows.

Two beautiful angels approached us, one lady angel and a little baby cherub! They had the most beautiful smiles I had ever seen.

I said to little Caylee, why don't you ask them your question? So she did, and then the lady angel and the baby cherub took her by the hand and walked with out into the beautiful meadow.

Caylee looked back at me and smiled, and then the lady angel looked back and me and telepathically told me "She will be ok now. Don't worry, we will be able to answer her questions in a way a little girl will understand them."

So, I took a deep breath, and I felt relieved that she was being guided by angels. Then I returned back to my physical body.

I plan to go there and look for Caylee again tomorrow. 

I know she will be just fine in the arms of those angels, but that was a very tough meditation today! 

I cried two days in a row now, it has really been tough having my ability these past few days.

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