Most of you know that I meditate every day, and on Saturday mornings, that I get up at around 5:30 AM for a longer morning meditation.

Well, this morning I started at 6 AM again, and when I closed my eyes, I felt like I was falling! I keep falling and falling, and then I suddenly stopped!Saint Germain was standing right in front of me when I stopped falling. 

It was so dark in the place where I stopped, that I was only able to see his face and body due to the violet glow of his halo.

He said, "Don't be afraid, just follow me", then he He took me by the hand and lead me into the darkness.

He told me that we were in the Sphere Of Lost Souls, and that it was important for me to see this, so that I would have a deep understanding of what lost souls go through.

I kept seeing these dark figures quickly flashing by us as we walked! They made this kind of whooshing sound as they flew by. 

Saint Germain told me that those flying dark images were some of the lost souls, and they were watching us, to see what we wanted, and to see why we were in their sphere.

As we walked, I saw many suffering souls,and I heard all kinds of moans and the sounds of people crying! This place had a heavy feeling of sadness all through the air!

Saint Germain explained to me that this is where the souls of evil people go to when they die. He told me that they stay in this sphere until they have relived, felt, and experienced, all the pain, sadness, and remorse, that they had caused others to feel when they were living on the earth.

He pointed out a group of souls, and he told me "There is Jeffrey Dahmer, over there is Pol Pot, and there is Adolph Hitler."

He told me that some souls stay in this sphere for over 100 earth years, because they have to personally relive and experience all the suffering they had caused other people to suffer!

He told me they not only had to experience the pain of their victims, but also the pain of all of their victims loved ones, family members, and friends, who also had to suffer as a result the evil person's action!

He told me that Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot would end up being here for a time period that is equal to over 500 earth years!

He then explained everything about this sphere to me,such as why people end up there, how they get out of there, plus a mountain of other information about the sphere! I could write a book about this from all that I had learned today!

I just came back, and man, am I exhausted! I am going to go back to bed, because it was so draining being in that place.

But Saint Germain told me the importance of really understanding this sphere, so that I could teach others on earth about it!

Looking forward to hearing your comments!


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