I was going to make a prediction on J.Lo and Marc Anthony, but I am going to reserve that until I see if another news source wants to release it first. If not, I will spill the beans here on Facebook! 🙂

Hollywood is going to be a crazy place over the next few months. If you thought Charlie Sheen was crazy, wait until you see more of the Hollywood circus act that is about to unfold!

Lindsey Lohan will be back in the news again with her addiction struggles. Eventually, she is going to go to jail – for a long time!

Paris hilton is also going to be back in the news – more trouble for Paris. Let me just mention one keyword – drugs!

Remember about 6 years ago, when I predicted that U2 would tour again, with great success? At that time, people had forgotten all about them.

Well, I keep seeing that Stevie Nicks will attempt a small world tour, trying to reunite Fleetwood Mac for a one-more-time reunion.

I will keep you posted on more predictions.

Can't wait to hear your comments!!

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