As many of you know, Mabel is here to stay! She already informed me of that. 🙂 I like her company being around anyway!

I got up early yesterday morning, and started my meditation 4AM. I was wide awake, and ready for a relaxing meditation to start my day!

I no sooner than closed my eyes, and off I went in my astral body! 

This time I astrally traveled back again to the place we call heaven. This time, when I arrived there, my great grandmother, my grandmother, my father, and my brother, were all waiting for me! I was overwhelmed, to say the least!

We talked, and talked, and talked! We talked so long, that I didn't return back to my physical body until around 11AM. I was actually gone for 7 hours! But it seemed like no time had passed by when I returned to my physical body! I actually didn't want to leave. 

We caught up on old times, and I learned so many things about what happens after we die! My grandmother told me that life on the other side is just like living on earth, except that there is nothing but peace, joy, and happiness over there!

She told me that no one ever experiences any negative emotions such as pain, sadness, or depression. I must admit, I felt do blissful inside the whole time I was there. The feeling I felt is hard to put into words!

I also learned that our pets are also there to meet us when we die, and that we are reunited with them once again, on the other side! By the way, they also told me that the souls of animals do reincarnate to be born as animals again! I found that very exciting!

I wanted to tell you that there is no need to fear death! Death is nothing more than the soul being released from the physical body! And when your last breath on earth occurs, you will instantly be swept up into the white light of heaven, where you will meet all of your loved ones, once again!

Would love to hear your comments and your "likes"!

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