I am so pleased that some people tried what I taught them, and boy, did they get results!!!

Read what they just emailed to me:

"Hi Tana,
I am really excited to let you know that your manifestation technique worked for me today after reading your email.  I had a customer call me today with an order which she was hoping to recieve early next week. But I cannot send out an order that is less than $220. 

Her order came to $140.  So I said to myself "I want to get another phone order in the next couple of days so I can send her order to her right away! 

I visualized it happening, and I also repeated it out aloud for awhile.  Later this afternoon, guess what happened? I got a call from another old customer with a really big order.  These types of phone orders don't usually come in like this! It definitely worked for me!

Thanks you so much for sharing this with us Tana.

Cindy G. Tuscon, AZ"

I also received another email yesterday!

"Dear Tana,

All I can say is "Wow!!" I used the manifestation technique you taught in your email yesterday, and the results were almost instant!

I needed $10,000 dollars for some major repairs on our house. Now, I know $10,000 is a lot. I also know you told me to ask for something small the first time, but I was desperate! So I used the technique you taught in your email, and I visualized exactly $10,000 coming to me!

I had was involved in a class action lawsuit that was not going to be settled for at least another 3 years. But you know what? I received a letter, in the mail, just 4 hours after using your technique!

Here is an excerpt of that letter: 

Dear Karen,

Due to some findings that came to light during our preliminary investigations into this company, xxxxxxx Corporation has decided to settle this matter immediately! 

Please sign the form below, and send it back to our office. Once we receive the signed letter, we will be sending you a check for the amount of $10,996.01.
Tana, this is amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this!

Karen R. Houston, TX."

I can't wait to hear your success stories! Keep me posted!

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