This morning, at 5:00 AM, I started my meditation. 

Once I closed my eyes, I was gone! I instantly left my body, and astrally traveled to one of the favorite astral lands me and Mabel enjoy going to together! I met Mabel this morning, way up in the mountains of Tibet. 

Many people do not realize this, but up in those mountains, Ascended Masters meet there every year for a universal meeting called "Creating A Universe Of Peace".

The Spiritual Monastery that exists there in the Astral Realms is called The Temple Of The Violet Light. All the Ascended Masters go there to meet. 

If you have your Third Eye developed, and you know how to astrally travel, you can visit there. You will be allowed to enter the "main lobby" but will not be admitted into the main rooms. But it is a beautiful, peaceful place to visit, and I encourage everyone to learn to develop their Third Eye and to learn how to Astrally Travel! As I digress…

So me and Mabel often meet in the lobby area of this monastery for our conversations. Today we talked about manifestation, and the laws that govern this. Since I have studied manifestation for years, it was an interesting conversation.

The main focus of our conversation was around a simple manifestation law, that although it seems simple – is very powerful! So powerful that is it one of the main reasons people end up having financial struggles, health problems, lack of love, and lack of happiness in their relationships!

That law is "What you focus on increases"! Remember, this goes for the good things, and the bad things. "Whatever" you focus on increases. 

So if your mind is focused on fear and worry, what do you think will increase in your life? And if you focus on the things you want, rather than focusing on the fear of not getting them, what do you think will happen?

Many people have what they don't want in their lives, because they focus on it and obsess about it! So it increases even more!

This was our whole conversation this morning! I thought it would be a good thing to share, and give you something positive to focus on 🙂

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In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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