My Meditation Today – I Traveled To Ancient Egypt


This morning at 5:00 AM, I started my meditation as usual! Something is happening inside of me the more I meditate, because I am noticing my body starting to vibrate the minute I sit down to start my meditation.

This morning, I closed my eyes, and then astrally traveled to ancient Egypt. I traveled to inside the pyramids, and met with some very spiritual Egyptian Priests. 

They shared with me some amazing manifestation techniques. They told me they used these techniques when Cleopatra was Queen! I was blown away!

They personally instructed me on how to so these techniques, and they told me the immense power these techniques will have when a person uses them.

I am writing all of these techniques down on my computer, so that this knowledge does not somehow get lost! I already tried one of them.

I was told by these priests to be patient, because manifestation does not happen overnight, and depending what you want to manifest, it can take up to one year! So they told me patience is a virtue that is important to have when manifesting!

I just finished writing down all the techniques they taught me! 

My body is still vibrating from their powerful energy!

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