Hear Me Live On The Radio Tomorrow!

October 31, 2011
Tomorrow morning you can listen to me on The Boxx in Houston Texas! I will be on the air live at 9:00 AM EST. Would love to hear you comments after the show! 

Here's the link to listen live: http://theboxhouston.com/


Have You Been Duped By This Psychic Scam?

October 28, 2011
Today I was on B98.5 FM in Atlanta Georgia. Monday I will be LIVE on The Box in Houston Texas! Make sure to listen to me doing readings for people for Halloween! It should be a fun time!

DId you know that 70% of Americans believe in curses? This explains why people get ripped off by gypsies and their psychic scams! A gypsy is involved whenever you see a sign that says "Psychic" or "Palm Reader" on any street corner, in any city, anywhere in the USA. These ARE NOT real psychics! They are con artists! They are part of the gypsy underground and they tell you that they have a curse on you, and that curse is the reason you are having the problems you are having. Then then tell you that they can remove it for a certain amount of money! Curse removals usually start anywhere from $200 to $500, then they go WAY up from there! DO NOT visit these types! I am going to bet that someone reading this is currently being scammed by one of these low life types! They also tell you not to talk to other psychics, because it can affect the work they are doing to remove your curse! This of course is so that the other psychic cannot tell you you are getting ripped off! One of my clients paid over $100,000 to one of these people! Another client gave them her $40,000 cadillac, and another client paid them $29,000! I am waiting to hear your experiences visiting one of these "psychics"!

Listen To Me Live Tomorrow At 9:30 AM EST

October 28, 2011
Make sure to listen to me on the radio LIVE tomorrow morning at 9:30 AM EST on The B98.5FM Morning Show with Vikki And Kelly in Atlanta on WSB-FM Here's the link to listen live:


What The Bible Really Says About Psychic Ability!

October 27, 2011
I just received an email from someone telling me they would like to have a reading, but feel it is against their religious beliefs! This really irks me, because if people like that would take the time to read the bible for themselves, and read with their own eyes what it really says, they would not be sending me emails like that! The problem is, most people just blindly accept what they hear from their ministers, priests, and other people, without taking the time to use their god-given brain and research it for themselves! To the lady who wrote me that email, please read the Book of Deuteronomy for yourself, since I am assuming you follow the Christian Faith! Any comments from my friends?

WatchThis Lame Excuse By The Media For UFO Activitiy

October 27, 2011
It never ceased to be amazed by the ridiculous explanations the media gives whenever there is a UFO siting. I knew the UFO's I have been seeing would be seen by others, Seems like they appeared to many people last night! Although, the news says they were chinese lanterns! Of course, everyone knows that San Diego is famous for lighting Chinese Lanterns and sending them into the sky. Everyone also knows that a chinese lantern stands motionless in the sky like these lights are doing! Am I the only one who is amazed by the lame explanation the news gives for this??

The World is Probably Going To End

October 26, 2011
I forgot to mention that obviously the world did not end on October 21st like my favorite person Harold Camping had predicted again. This time he said it would "probably" end. I am sure he added "probably" as a sort of back out clause. He has not returned back to radio since then, as I understand. Thank God. I would guess that he "probably" is crazy! Wouldn't he make a crappy psychic if he added "probably" in front of all of his predictions? Did anyone worry about the world "probably" ending on October 21st?

Is there life after death?

October 26, 2011
I was reading an interesting article the other day. Did you know that 1 out 3 people feel like they have felt the presence of a loved one after they died?
I never realized the figure was that high! I would love to hear any stories from anyone who has felt the presence of a loved one who has passed on.