I am surprised by this response!

Sorry, I wasn't very clear, this would be by live webinars and live video where you can watch me and talk to me live – so you can live anywhere. That is the power of the internet, I can still teach anyone no matter where they are. It would be limited to 15 people, and would be for serious people only. Each interested person would have to fill out an application to apply, because the extensive course will not only teach people how to develop their psychic ability, but they will be able to make a living at this after the course if they decide to. If anyone here is interested, you can apply early by sending me a private message, with an email address, and why you would like to be considered, and I will send you an application to fill out. I will choose people according to the answers in their applications. After 15 people have been chosen, I will stop accepting people. I am surprised at the response I am receiving. I didn't think anyone would be interested in learning how to develop their psychic ability so much so that you could make a living doing this. Shoot me an email right away. It will be first come first serve, and I haven't sent an email to my 40,000 email subscribers yet. So my Facebook people get first dibs at this. Can't wait to see who is really interested.

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