February 25, 2012
Today, if you squint your eyes very slightly, you will see what are called "Energy Rainbows!" Energy rainbows are created by the vibrational energies that radiate from the core of the earth. Energy rainbows only occur on very rare occasions, and you can use their energy to heal all kinds of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems. To see them, stand outside in the sun, then squint your eyes slightly, and look for the mini rainbows! Let me know if you are able to see them. They may not be visible tomorrow!

The Numerological Significance of Today’s Date

February 12, 2012

Ironically, today being 2/12/2012 with quadruple 4's in the date, brings energy of organization. Today is a good day for organizing things, and getting neglected tasks, friendships, and relationship back in order. 

Are you using this energy to get your life in order today?