I just saw an Elf!

August 31, 2011
I just saw an Elf that was trying to blend in to my bush out front! I just tired to take a photo of him to show you, and he saw me trying to take the photo, and he disappeared! Just wanted to share that with you!

As 2012 Approaches- What To Expect

August 31, 2011
As 2012 approaches, we are going to see more weather disasters, especially in the USA, Europe, and Asia. There will also be increased reports of UFO sightings, and bizarre reports coming out of Hollywood. Buckle your seatbelt, this is going to be a wold ride!


August 28, 2011
The worst part is not over yet! If you or any f your loved ones are anywhere where you could be in danger, and have not been hit yet, leave immediately! This is going to do mass destruction where it hits!!

Something To Think about!

August 18, 2011
Did you ever think about the fact that "You only get what you settle for?" The reason most people never get what they want in life, is because they become willing to settle for less. Fear of not getting something, often causes people to accept the "less thans" in life.


August 17, 2011

You know, when it comes to manifestation something, what you focus on increases! I do not watch the news, because it is fear based and full of negativity! And they report their negativity with a smile. Kind of sick if you really think about it!!

So please quit listening to the media about the economy, because my guides tell me the economy is just fine! Fear makes the economy get worse. Please quit believing everything you hear and read in the media!

The media makes it's big bucks by reporting negativity, because if the media did not keep you in a state of constant fear, why would you have reason to turn on the news to see if the bad stuff they reported yesterday, has gotten better yet?

It's like a physical from the doctor. If the doctor tells you he needs to run tests, because he thinks you might have cancer, you would be glued by your phone waiting for your results! If the doctor told you he thinks everything is perfectly ok, and will call you with the results in a few days, you would not even worry about getting his phone call!.

The media uses fear to keep you glued to your TV the same way you stay glued to your phone waiting to hear from the doctor to see if you have cancer! I encourage everyone to quit buying into the fear based BS the media reports!

Happy Sunday!

August 14, 2011
Happy Sunday! Today has been an amazing morning. This morning I woke up and Mabel was standing beside my bed. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me to come quickly! So I put on my robe, and then followed her outside. It looks like baby Benjamin is starting to walk already! Mabel was so excited that he took his first steps today!

My Meditation Today – I Traveled To Ancient Egypt

August 13, 2011

This morning at 5:00 AM, I started my meditation as usual! Something is happening inside of me the more I meditate, because I am noticing my body starting to vibrate the minute I sit down to start my meditation.

This morning, I closed my eyes, and then astrally traveled to ancient Egypt. I traveled to inside the pyramids, and met with some very spiritual Egyptian Priests. 

They shared with me some amazing manifestation techniques. They told me they used these techniques when Cleopatra was Queen! I was blown away!

They personally instructed me on how to so these techniques, and they told me the immense power these techniques will have when a person uses them.

I am writing all of these techniques down on my computer, so that this knowledge does not somehow get lost! I already tried one of them.

I was told by these priests to be patient, because manifestation does not happen overnight, and depending what you want to manifest, it can take up to one year! So they told me patience is a virtue that is important to have when manifesting!

I just finished writing down all the techniques they taught me! 

My body is still vibrating from their powerful energy!